Maharlika Sports Center and Fitness Gyms Opens

Hooray! Good news to the people of Barangay Maharlika and especially to Stay-At-Home Moms like me, there’s a newly-opened Fitness Gym adjacent to the tennis court and near Maharlika Day Care Center. What’s the BEST thing about it? It’s OPEN TO EVERYONE. I can definitely add this as another reason why I want to live in this place long enough- FRIENDLY NEIGHBOURHOOD and OPEN GYM. Not that I’m an avid gym goer or health buff  however, this goes to show that the barangay officials do put efforts in bringing people together in this small community. Also, not to mention remind people to stay fit through exercise.


This collaboration of efforts makes this community a better place. The teenagers are given the opportunity to showcase their talents through Free Basketball Clinic, friendly basketball matches and even Fun Run for a cause. This sports facility has a storage room for sports equipments and an area designated for throwing some darts. In addition, I see it as a good diversion for the younger generation.  Better to lift some weights instead of spend hours sitting in front of their computers or do not-so-good things harmful to society and one’s well-being.

I’m an MDCC parent, who sits and waits for my daughter for an hour or so, doing some twists and lift a few pounds while waiting can do wonders.  Not just kill time but it’s good for blood circulation and can be a good routine if you got nothing else to do or if you’ve finished your chores at home.

This project encourages young individuals and everyone in the community to engage in sports and keep a healthy lifestyle. We all want to see our kids excel. Sports can help them build self-confidence and self-worth. Parents should take responsibility by encouraging our children to get involved in sports and not just excel academically.

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Through the efforts of Kagawad Ronnie Valdez at ng mga kabataan ng Barangay Maharlika, this Sports Club was materialized. By the way, this is not a paid article. This is merely an acknowledgment of the efforts these people have put forth to make a difference. I don’t know about you but if anything is free it’s worth trying. Aside from getting socially engaged, we can make use of our precious time by improving our health. On our part, what we can contribute is take an extra care in the use of the equipments and keep the gym clean.

For more information on location and time of availability for use, please feel free to visit the Barangay or ask our DCWPG President, MDCC Parent and proactive Leader, Mrs.Yvette Valdez. See below photos taken during the OPENING OF MAHARLIKA SPORTS CENTER AND FITNESS GYM.

DSC_0234 DSC_0233 DSC_0232 DSC_0231 DSC_0222 DSC_0220 DSC_0216 12022008_1785692798238424_262653164_n 12030918_1785692734905097_266400253_n 12023090_1785693368238367_1930362366_n 11999983_1785695998238104_635286975_n (1) 12023066_1785692981571739_1433544120_n


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