Rest In Peace, Papa Eddieboy.

In Loving Memory - 2zxDa-2abDn - print

It’s been a whirlwind of emotions drowning me for the last month. My father passed away in a tragic death last September 15. It was followed by my uncle’s death in September 23. For days I’ve been in shock and too emotional to even describe in words the state I was in. I tried to pinch myself believing that it was all a nightmare I can awake from. It wasn’t. It was really happening and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Death. It’s a scary thought. But it’s inevitable. We all fade away from the face of the Earth. Eventually that is. However, what happened to my father was caused by someone who has so much hate in his heart. While looking at my father’s death certificate, I cringed at thought of how much suffering he had in the last few minutes before he died. He died of multiple stab wounds. I stared at it and tears started to fall. I was overcome with hatred for the murderer and pity for my Papa. No one was there to help him. My hero who I thought could always get away with anything was mercilessly taken from us. We cry for JUSTICE. To the man who killed my father, Carlo Adan Sy, may you find peace in your heart and surrender and pay for your sins. No one has the right to take away a life, no matter what your reasons are. I leave you to God to judge.

In my thoughts, as tears damped my face, I asked for forgiveness from my Papa Eddieboy. I had my shortcomings as a daughter and may have failed him in so many ways. I’m so caught up with having a family of my own that I have forgotten to even call him up just to ask how he is. For that I am so regretful.  Let this serve as a lesson for anyone reading this. Let us value the people around us for we’ll never know when they’ll be taken from us. I also thanked Papa Boy for coming to my birthday last December 2014. Although, it was a surprise and there was only a simple salu-salo, I showed him appreciation. Days after Christmas and New Year, we went to a mountain resort to celebrate togetherness. Those were the few moments we had as a family. As a whole. Those were the last moments we had him with us.

During his wake, we were overwhelmed with the love, support and thoughtfulness of people who went out of their ways to bid him goodbye. Thank you so much to everyone.

Wherever you are now Papa Boy, I hope you are now at peace with our Maker. People may not understand it and may have judged us in many ways. We are not answerable to anyone of them. I thank you for bringing us to this world. Our family was not perfect but we had moments in our lives where we were truly happy and grateful. Thank you, Papa Boy. You’re forever gone but never forgotten.


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