Craft Activities for your Preschooler- Paper Elephant on a Fabulous Friday!

Fascinated with elephants, my little Mikheila wanted us to make paper elephants.

While cutting out paper bands to make into an elephant parts, we make it a fun experience by identifying the parts first and making elephant sounds.

It’s very easy for your preschooler’s little hands.


Materials needed:

  • Construction paper – 1 to 2 pieces of different colors
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

Here are 7 steps of how to make a paper elephant:

  1. Cut out paper into 4 squares and make 4 cylinders for the elephant legs. Stick them together using a glue stick. Your preschooler can help glue them together. It’s OK to make a mess.
  2. For the body, cut a paper into a rectangular shape proportion to the legs. Stick them to each side of legs forming a semi-circle.
  3. Make a bigger cylinder for the head proportion to the body size.
  4. Cut out 2 circles for the ears.
  5. Make the eyes out of 4 small circles.
  6. Make the elephant trunk out of a long rectangular paper sticking out in front of the eyes. (Use the scissors edge to curl the trunk) Please practice caution. Glue another long rectangular paper for the tail.
  7. Cut out semi-circles for the elephant’s toes.


Let your preschooler choose what paper color to use. You can use one color or a combination of two or more to make it more attractive to kids. For our first paper elephant, we used two colors: yellow green and rose.


Reminder: What’s important is the process, not the outcome. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

My little M learned new words like trunk, trumpet, huge and cylinders.

She gets so amazed and repeats the words I introduce to her. Do not force your kids to say the words.  Make learning fun. Act silly with them. Release that inner child in you. I did and it’s one way to relieve stress. They’ll love it if you imitate animal sounds with them!

Sabi nga sa commercial: Minsan lang sila bata, sabayan mo na.”


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