Benefits of Taking a Stroll

I’m glad I started writing again. I write not to impress but to express. Taking account of mundane life events keeps me grounded, reminds me of the blessings that came into our family’s life. We should learn to stop and look around us and notice even the smallest of things we should be grateful for. While taking a stroll in the neighbourhood, it gave me a sense of satisfaction and invigoration as I ponder on life’s small miracles. God has worked his way into my life and has taken me into a different direction. Therefore, when his plans were clearer to me now, I asked him to take the wheel and his will be done. Writing is something I’m giving back to inspire people. Sometimes we just have to let go. Life will unfold on its own. Those things stressing us now, down the road we will realize that they are not what really matter most in life.

Here are my 5 Benefits of Taking a Stroll:

  1. A good amount of fresh air will be healthy for your lungs.

Dry air may circulate your home. Spending days and nights like a locked-up prisoner in the confines of your beautiful home is definitely not healthy. Take some sun time and take in some fresh air. These are free commodities we should appreciate more. As for me and my little tot, we get our daily dose of Vitamin D from the harmless sun exposure between 7 AM to 9 AM. (Know more about the benefits of Vitamin D at Sunshine Vitamin). We usually wake up at 8 in the morning. After breakfast, we bask in the sun for 10-15 minutes. Have you ever realize why that flu virus hits you every time it comes around even if you are taking your expensive vitamins daily? A good amount of fresh air will help you exercise your lungs and brings in oxygen good for blood circulation.

For people who are young at heart, being mobile might tire you easily. It won’t be a problem. Breathing exercises outside your garden will do. Small steps or slow walk in your garden or in place will do wonders too.

  1. It’s cost efficient.

You don’t need to pay monthly dues like your gym. It will save you money that you pay for transportation for your trips to the gym or the food you buy from 7 eleven. After good workout, you will get thirsty or hungry or both. When exhausted we tend to buy ready-to-eat food rather than cook.

This low-impact physical activity can save you money and it’s fun to do with someone close to your heart.

  1. Build friendship and strengthen relationships

You can take anyone with you for a stroll. He may be a family member, your husband/wife, son/daughter, a friend, or next-door neighbour. You may arrange a play date with your neighbour’s son/ daughter to take a stroll. Build a friendship to that parent at school you barely have the time to even talk to while attending to each of your kids. Make sure to engage in a conversation. A good conversation is defined as an exchange of messages. It shouldn’t be a one-way thing. Take time to listen, ask questions and share stories.

I suggest you leave gadgets at home. Sometimes it can be a distraction to an opportunity to have meaningful conversations. You get tempted to check your phone from time to time if you put it in your pocket. I sometimes take my phone with me for emergency purposes and to take selfies. Like any typical Mom, my daughter is almost always my subject when taking photographs. Being a Mom, I feel that time flies fast and photographs capture moments and life events. Remember, time lost is lost forever.  We can’t put life on pause or go on rewind. Thinking I can’t take back time so I just click away. If you are guilty of all that too, then you are a Mom. As much as possible, when we’re out and about I take extra care and vigilance especially that I’m with my daughter. Never take your eyes off her, that’s what my partner always say. The streets have vehicles passing by and stray dogs. It’s important to be wary all the times.

This physical activity is also a way to strengthen romantic relationships with your partner. Consider it a date. Sometimes, ditch the need to spend for an extravagant dinner for two just to make each other feel special. We can make them feel special by holding hands while walking and engaging in a healthy conversation.

  1. It’s a way to distress.

Life nowadays is very fast-paced. We need a way to reduce stress. We cannot alleviate stress totally. However, strolling can help us reduce stress which is beneficial to our well-being. It improves our physical and psychological health.

When you’re trying to make a conscious effort to be physically fit without forcing yourself, strolling is very pleasurable. My daughter looks forward to it every time. These days, I use it as a reward for myself after a gruelling day. With my three- year old in tow, we sight-see beautiful homes, familiarize the street names, know the names of trees we see as we go along, say hello to that purring cat by the fence and say hi to random kids playing on the streets of the subdivision.

Knowing that I’m sweating from the physical exertion of having to walk as far as we can go and back, makes me distress. It makes me aware of the lifestyle I’m leading and therefore reminding me not to live a sedentary life. I like to impart to my daughter and future kids that staying healthy is OK. I may not be the Jennifer Lopez-type of bod nor the FHM-goddess type but it’s important that you maintain that wanting look from your partner as he comes home from work. Physical intimacy is as important as having to brush your teeth every after meal. It’s a need to keep the relationship going.

  1. Have a good night sleep.

Are you the type who struggles sleeping at night? Take my advice. Physical exertion you’d do taking a walk, walking your dog or walking to the store instead of driving is a good way to get a sound sleep at night. As a Mom, from waking up in the morning until the wee hours at night, there’s always something that we need to do. It just doesn’t stop. Time management is the key. I remind myself that there’s no such thing as busy. There’s just the proper way of managing your time for us to give time for more important things. Therefore, we owe it to ourselves to have enough sleep.

Sleeplessness creates a mood that can cause tension in the house. It can lead to irritability and forgetfulness. You might end up having an unproductive day since you’d be too sleepy. I used to stay up late ironing clothes, folding and arranging, washing and cleaning. It doesn’t fit in one day. Multi-tasking can also help but it may not work all the time. I burnt the rice while I was away washing the dishes. That’s not good. Moms, let’s manage our time wisely.

Having done so, I can now spend a few minutes to an hour taking a stroll and get 7- 8 hours of sleep.  Since I’ve done the chores during the day, me and my preschooler will have time for a nap in the afternoon. After sweating it out, I’ll have a sound sleep all through the night. It’s not hard to put the kiddo to sleep too. Happy Mom!

Would you like to share some other benefits you can think of? Please feel free to post your comments below. I’d love to hear how you spend quality time with your family, stay fit or just kill the time. Put your comfortable walking shoes on and start strutting your way around town!


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