Craft Activities For Your Preschooler

At home, I declared that our Fridays be dedicated to 30 minutes to an hour making paper crafts. It started when we had to stay indoors for 3 days due to heavy downpour and strong gust of winds caused by a typhoon. Instead of the usual playtime building wooden blocks or coloring books, I’ve introduced paper crafts — paper cutting, folding and sticking. She loves animals! Therefore, the first crafts will be all about animals.

Craft time with your preschool can mean discovering your child’s intrinsic love for art, developing language skills and quality Mommy-daughter time.

Why paper crafts? It’s inexpensive. This can become a hobby and you don’t have to spend a lot to have fun. I bought one set with 10 pieces of construction papers. It’s thicker than bondpapers and comes in different colors.  We needn’t buy since we have Elmer’s glue. Unfortunately, we ran out after making 3 paper crocodiles.

First paper crocodile

Daddy got our little one a non-toxic glue stick. It’s easy to grip due to its pen-like handle unlike Elmer’s glue that’s quite messy. Small hands can’t squeeze as hard as adults. I recommend you use a “Stick-ee”.


Our first project was a paper crocodile. Your child can help you stick some parts together. My little one learned about new colors and identified parts of a crocodiles body.

Crafts will give you an opportunity to teach your child new words. My Mikheila learned new words like sharp, reptile, devour and glue.


This activity can help enhance your child’s hand-eye coordination. My Mikheila insists on making the croc eyes and sticking them. Allowing her to take control will boost her confidence. Don’t forget to praise them for a job well done.

I also noticed her pencil grip has improved. She learned to copy drawings as simple as zigzag lines for the teeth and curves for the eyes. Encourage her that she CAN DO IT. Don’t doubt your child but don’t be too pushy. Guide her hand and then let go. At first, my Mikheila was hesitant copying the eyes saying, “Mommy, I can’t. I can’t do it. ” I told her, “Yes, you CAN! I know you CAN.” Once she’s done it, I exclaimed, “You did it!” And, she was all smiles and proud of herself. We sealed it with a high-five!

Cut the paper in 8 equal parts. (crosswise)
Cut 5 pieces in to halves making 10 smaller parts for the chain (crocodile’s body.
Stick the paper not cut in half for the tail. Cut into triangle-like tail.
The crocodile tail should look like this.
One-eight of the paper should be for the eyes and cut into semi-circle superfluous.
Croc’s eyes look a bit like squinting ready to hunt its prey.
Small hands stick the eyes to the head.

Focus on the process rather than the outcome. Make it enjoyable for you and your little one. Practice caution at all times. Supervise your child when using scissors and glue. Or, if yours is below 5 years old, keep scissors away. Cut paper or pictures out for them. You may show them simply how to tear off pieces of paper.


Next project will be paper elephants! Enjoy your craft time! There are lots of sources over the internet or try Pinterest and Youtube. Post a comment below and share where else to find craft recipes and easy DIY instructions.


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