What An Incredibly Amazing Week

Last week has been brilliant. It started with an unexpected first day of school. Yes, unexpected. The following stories will tell you why.

Raising a God-fearing, successful and happy individual is our responsibility as parents. In early development, our children count on us. Our children depend on us for love, protection, guidance and support. Thus, we have to learn about responsible parenthood. That’s right. Learn. It’s a learning process although being motherly comes natural. Our responsibility revolves primarily around providing our kids the opportunity, means and support to pursue their goals in life. I’d like to think that I’m in the right track of raising my Mikheila.

Starting Day Care is a milestone we think is good for her social skills. She’s an only child, and like any protective parents, we want her safe and secured. She stays mostly indoors. We have been home-schooling. She knows her ABCs pretty well; counts from 1 to 29; sings various songs and basic sentence construction is correct. Still, it’s a different learning experience if you’re learning new things with other bunch of kids in your class. It was unexpected for us to join Day Care so soon since we plan for her to start school next year. However, we or should I say, I made a quick decision, of course, with my partner’s love and support. She’s 3 and 10 months old this August 7, and when she turns 4 going 5, she’ll be in Kindergarten 1; 5 going 6 years old, she’ll be in Kindergarten 2. 7 is a perfect age to be in Grade One.

Monday of July 27th, we dropped by to inquire at a local Maharlika Day Care Center or MDCC. We wanted to know if it was possible for her to get accepted when it’s already July. Classes started in June. I had doubts at first since it’s unplanned. We wanted her to start Kindergarten next year at Creative Education Life Learning. Teacher Delia was so kind to have her join right away. What’s there to lose? None but every learning opportunity to gain. For 2 hours a day, from 10:30 AM  to 12:30PM,  our Mikheila will learn early how to interact with other kids her age. She’ll gain more confidence. Also, the school’s location is just a few steps away from our place and it’s subsidized by DSWD. Parents don’t pay monthly dues. We got free books too.  I saw an opportunity. It will then be easy for her to adjust once she starts in the real BIG school.

Day 1 – Trial Class from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM




She’s officially in Pre-school! Things have been a riot in the house. I’ve felt so inspired to wake up early each day or even stay up late the night before to prepare stuff. Then off to the mall. Getting accepted for this school year as Day Care II means our school girl will need to get her hands on new notebooks, pencils, crayons and etc.

Day 2- Immersion in Class




As what her Lolo Mert told us, “Wag pilitin ang bata kung ayaw pumasok” [Don’t force the kid to go to school, if she protests]. I understand. Lolo is looking after her apo. Tama! Di kailangan na sapilitan ang pagpasok. For the first 3 days, she gets in the room with the rest of the kids. Sa ngayon, it’s been two days that I had to accompany her inside the classroom. My little one is quite timid. Although, on her first day, we rejoiced that she endured the 2-hour session.  We patiently waited outside. Hmmm…honestly, I was a bit agitated. I was nervous she might cry. But she did not. She was very brave. And I was a proud mother and I made sure it was documented.

Day 3 – Disaster Preparedness Summit

Off to school #daycare #fun #pink #schoolgirl

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It is important that our kids grow up happy. It can’t be bought or stolen. I want to make sure that what I’m doing today is geared toward making sure our Mikheila is happy. We all know that happiness comes in many forms. May it be material things or personal achievements, but the best things in life are not seen, as the cliché goes. Well, seeing my little one jump and shout “Yes, I got a star!”, as she gets a star stamped on her hand after reciting in class is happiness. Having that feeling of achievement when she remembers the name of her new playmate, Uno, that’s happiness.

I want this to be a collaborative effort, as it should be for parents. However, we have different ways of bringing up our child, as with our parents. I want her to grow up knowing that her thoughts matter and we’re here to guide and support her, as she then learns to make her own decisions.

Day 4- Nation-wide Shake Drill



Day 5 – Free Medical and Dental Check-up


Getting her photo taken for her 1×1 ID picture at SM Molino after the Medical and Dental check-up.
Our Mikheila will be occupied in the coming days and Mommy is mostly excited that she will have a time of day to mingle and make new friends. As for me, it’s an opportunity to meet other mothers, establish as sense of community having just moved to Imus. I get to chitchat and share stories. It’s like a silent wish come true for me since I’ve been hoping she’d be able to see other kids and socialize. We don’t have to pay an hour or two for her to meet other kids at playhouses in malls.

Day 6- Visit at Lola and Lolo’s House and Pancake Making

Made pancakes when we got home from a visit at grannies' house
Made pancakes when we got home from a visit at grannies’ house

Day 7 – Bought Uniforms at Imus and strollin’ at Lumila Mall

Hair in the air like we just don't care #RoofDeck #roamingaround #green #openspace

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Day 8- Mondays with Teacher Delia GinesDSC_2194[1]

As parents, we have responsibilities for our children to develop their full potential as individuals. We have to finds ways to forward their progress.

We just took a few steps toward the future and we’re a family making one progress at a time.

Please share your stories of your little ones’ first days at school. Like or post a comment down below.


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