The best time is NOW. No to procrastination.

With this stormy weather, there’s nowhere to go but stay in bed. I think it’s the best time to take out my lappie, enjoy a hot coffee and just tak-tak-tak all the way and write.

I’m new to this thing called Stay-At-Home Mom. The weather is pretty depressing lately. Not that I’m depressed but since the rainy season just started, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. Sometimes, I get so consumed by my thoughts that I spent sleepless nights just thinking. It’s not good. I should get more sleep and exercise. I have my plans set out. And I’m ready.

We were supposed to be moving in to our new place in Imus, however, due to bad weather conditions and financial constraints, we had to stay at my partner’s parents’ house for another week.

There are so many things I want to do but so little time and as a new family starting out on our own, financial matters also play a role in our decision-making. I used to work as a Real Time Analyst in one of the BPOs in Cebu. I had to give that up. I happened not so long ago. To be exact, just last month. I decided that I and my baby should move back to Manila to be whole as a family again. I don’t know but keeping together is very important to me. I had to give up a few to earn a bit more, that is to take control of my own time, give more time for my daughter, Mikheila and discover more of what I can do. Who wants to be an employee for the rest of his life? Not that there’s something wrong with working for someone. I just know that there is so much that I can do. Something ridiculously fun and exciting – TRAVEL, LIVE and be the BEST MOM. We all make our own choices in life, good or bad, we have to own up to it.

In the next few days, I’m anticipating it is going to be crazy. I’ll be pursuing things I know I should start doing NOW. If not now, when? I’m not getting any younger. I’m turning 30 before the year ends, for Christ sakes!

“A dream not written is merely a wish.” I remember those lines from an article I read once. Maybe not in verbatim.

I’ve written a few of mine and my blogs will document my ups and downs of achieving them or failing to attain these dreams.

I know there are moms out there who maybe in the same situation. You have to make do of what you got.  You might think you’re experiencing mid-life crisis or you’re just in the right track. However, you realize you don’t have to live your life the way others want it. Life is what you make it. You are not alone. We all have different stories to make, in this case, to write.


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