Inspired to Sew It Through

It’s almost a month now since I joined the Stay-At-Home-Moms team. Once we move in to our new place in Imus, I’ll start to work online and watch over my 3-year old at home. As part of my to-do list, I want to do some crafts, grow some plants, learn to cook and practice sewing. The thought of sewing makes me so excited!

Two days ago, July 12, the sewing machine I ordered from Lazada arrived and I can’t wait to start.


My mini sewing machine comes with an AC/DC Adapter suitable for 220-240 voltage at home, a lighting function to illuminate while sewing, 3 metal bobbins in different thread colors, 1 needle, 1 threader and 1 foot pedal. It’s perfect for alterations and for making dresses, skirts and curtains.I can make a lot really but I plan to stick to light fabric cause it might break. 11011212_10206585883059065_592176474272249569_n 11700904_10206585883619079_4929721483078456151_n 11737875_10206585886379148_4835886825072089088_n

It’s mainly made of hard plastic and can run using 4 AA batteries or an AC Adapater.  Isn’t it cool?

Even my daughter’s minions loved it. Stewart and Kevin are guarding my new toy right now.


I have bookmarked how-to websites. Here are some of my favorite:




My first project would be how to make a 3-tiered skirt like this below:


I got the steps from this awesome website Cool People Sew: How to Make Three Tiered Skirt

I thank God that I’m able to do these things now that I have full control of my time. It’s what I’ve always wanted and my partner is very supportive. He even offers to buy me some fabric for our curtain. Next up would be to figure out what fabric goes with our sunflower yellow wall.


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